Welcome to RCJrComets.com!

*We will have additional football and cheerleading sign ups at Old Smokey in Braidwood April 27 at 6:30pm*

*Credit cards and payment plans will be accepted*


DYNAMITE FEE:  $ 85.00 $  

CHILD #2   $100.00 $  

CHILD #3   $ 80.00 $  

CHILD #4 OR MORE $ 50.00 $  

VOLUNTEER FEE:  $ 75.00  $

New players will need a copy of birth cerificate and insurance  

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*Congratulations Reed Custer Junior Comets on a great 2013 season*


Link to new IVY league website:http://www.ivyleaguefootball.net/














** Parents **

We are now signed up with MC Sports Active Rewards Affiliate Program. The next time you shop there if you are not signed up as an active rewards member please sign up....tell them you are affiliated with the Reed Custer Jr Comets when you make a purchase after signing up, and you will earn reward points for YOURSELF and US...the organization. PLUS....you will receive a discount on the items you buy. This discount applies to most items in the store but not all of them. The items you purchase do NOT have to be football or cheer related to earn points for us or yourself and receive the discount. This can be done at any MC Sports.




We hope you are as excited about this upcoming season as we are.

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